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Project Zip Code: Make Sure Your Credit Union Counts!

Articulating precisely how many individuals are credit union members in a federal or state legislative district is a powerful thing, and it’s an easy thing to do if your credit union utilizes Project Zip Code. Most credit unions run this at the onset of each year, and by doing so it helps accurately portray the industry to legislators. The number of members in a district resonates significantly with legislators, and this program, while simple, provides a powerful data point.

In addition, it’s also a resource for the credit union itself to help identify areas of membership for potential ideas for a branch, for an ATM or for targeted marketing campaigns. Zeroing in on membership concentrations – all while doing so with no personally identifiable member data, whether it’s used for the credit union or to articulate the number of members to legislators.

If your credit union does not run Project Zip Code, it’s easy to do (access it here). And if you aren’t sure if your credit union does and is included in the count, we’ll be happy to share!

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