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New and Veteran Legislators: Building Connections with Credit Unions

State Sen. Sally Harrell, third from left, at Georgia United Credit Union

Throughout the year credit unions engage with legislators to grow awareness, grow understanding and grow relationships with the people who vote on the issues that impact the industry. And like any relationship, it is an ongoing process to foster a positive relationship. But when someone is new, it’s important to build those connections early. With 40 new state legislators in Georgia this year, credit unions have been quite busy with this effort! The most recent efforts of credit unions to help grow positive relationships in the districts (both new and veteran legislators) include:

  • On September 5th Sen. Sally Harrell (D-Atlanta) met with Georgia United Credit Union’s team in the district at their Tilly Mill branch. Sen. Harrell is just in her first year of the state Legislature, and while she does not sit on any committee where credit union issues typically arise, change is the only constant at the state Capitol. The early time with her expanded the awareness of what makes credit unions unique, and put a face on the issues. Thank you to Georgia United CU’s team for creating a strong connection with the Senator!
  • Sainz
    State Rep. Stephen Sainz, center, at United 1st FCU

    On August 23rd Rep. Stephen Sainz (R-Woodbine) met with United 1st Federal Credit Union in Kingsland for a tour of their operations in the district. Rep. Sainz is just in his first year with the Legislature, and this meeting was organized specifically to develop a solid connection with him now for the future. Our thanks to United 1st FCU’s team for making a positive impact and growing understanding of the industry!

  • And with any relationship, it’s important to stay connected. LGE Community CU demonstrated precisely that on August 20th at their official grand opening of their new Alpharetta branch where Sen. Brandon Beach (R-Alpharetta) was a part of the ceremony. LGE Community CU was one of the credit unions who engaged with Sen. Beach early in his career in 2015 at an in-district hike meeting, and this engagement is just one more step in a long line of building the personal connections. Our thanks to LGE Community CU for growing the relationship with the Senator!

Relationships with legislators are key for any advocacy effort, as when they consider bills in the future it is important for them to understand what makes the industry unique. Please take advantage of the opportunities to engage when they arise in your areas! It can make the difference on any issue, and grows influence.

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