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Grassroots Activity: Growing Connections with Legislators

Engaging and building relationships with legislators is a key component to advocacy, and as such there is consistent effort to connect with elected leaders. When legislators know credit unions personally, it places an in-district face on the industry and creates a level of context on the issues. This does not happen overnight, and often does not happen with any one interaction –rather, it is created in a systematic manner over time with many individuals (by many individuals!). Here are some of the most recent grassroots connections made on behalf of the industry:

  • On May 30th GCUA met with State Rep. Sam Teasley (R-Marietta) to discuss the previous session, the elections, and the path for potential bills in the future. Rep. Teasley is the vice chairman of the House Republican caucus, and sits on both the Banking and Ways and Means committees, which debate many of the issues of interest to credit unions. And of note, Rep. Teasley has strong connections with the industry thanks to his long-term personal and professional relationship with LGE Community CU. Our thanks to LGE Community CU for having such a strong connection with Rep. Teasley, and for continuing that growth for the years ahead!
  • On June 5th GCUA met with State Rep. Roger Bruce (D-Atlanta) to gain similar perspective as above on the session, elections and potential issues arising, but from the Democratic stance. Rep. Bruce is an active member of a key committee for credit unions: the House Judiciary Committee, which debates bills that impact lending operations, foreclosure processes and other business issues. On this committee Rep. Bruce has been a strong asset to credit unions in helping understand opposition to bills, gaining insight into challenging credit union issues and weighing the industry’s perspective on the topics the committee tackles.

We encourage all credit unions to reach out to their legislators, invite them to your credit union events, or just send them a message thanking them for their time serving on both the state and federal level. Each interaction helps grow the awareness and influence for the industry!

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